Letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Unalienable Rights And The Securing Of Freedom, two week public comment period. Proclamation on Captive Nations Week, 2020

In my opinion your administration is a gift from God to the English.  At the G7 summit President Trump said to the British Press “What happened to England, no one mentions England anymore”. 


At Runnymede, Surrey,  England.  three acres of land was gifted to the USA Federal Government in 1965.  Their stands on USA sovereign land, a monument to President J F Kennedy.  On that monument is engraved the words 
“Let every nation know whether it wishes us well or ill that we shall pay any price bear any burden meet any hardship support any friend or oppose any foe in order to assure the survival and success of liberty” – from the inaugural address of President Kennedy 10 January 1961′


Your own website (State Department) at page Countries and areas does not show England, Scotland or Wales. Which further shows the deliberate attempt by the compiler of the list (The UN) to destroy England as the founder of U.S.A and its Constitution. 

England is a Country, it is part of a tyrannical Union, the British Union, UK.  Germany, Spain and the other Nations States in the EU (European Union) are listed on this page.  In comparison if you listed only the EU as a Nation (which it is not) those Nations would disappear.  So why are you doing that very thing to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland?  The UK is a political union NOT a Country. The British is no more as a Nationality than North American is a Nationality.  North America is a geographical area which contains The USA (A Nation) and Canada (A Nation).  

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Letter Published:  

Dear Secretary of State, President Trump,  Unalienable Rights Commission, Dr. Peter Berkowitz  

England and the English vs the UK and the British, fundamental error!

I noted your speech on rights and the commissions report and bring your attention to Proclamation on Captive Nations Week, 2020.   Firstly you often conflate the English Nation with the British Union.  This is erroneous.  It is crucial you understand the difference between England as a Nation with a common law Constitution and the British Union, which has no Constitution. 

England was not tyrannous towards the New World (America).  If fact, the war of independence 1776 was because the English, Scots, Welsh and Irish (and other European Nationalities) now calling themselves Americans wanted the same RIGHTS as the English.  The British Union then attacked what is now known as the USA.  The British Union (not the English) attacked the USA again The War of 1812, then continued their attacks with Socialist, Marxist, Communist, Nazi allies in 2015 through to now (conspiring to subvert the USA Constitution).

It was the War of Independence  (1776) that started the attack on the English Common Law Constitution and the rights of the English Nation.  Contrary to the Act(s) of Union 1706 and 1707 and the English Bill of Rights 1688, Declaration of Rights 1688 and the Convention of 1688 all of which are the legal consequence of the Glorious Revolution.   The British Parliament started to undermine the English, Christian Constitution.    Whilst the Americans won, the English at home were and are persecuted and slowly relieved of the unalienable rights.  The English are truly the Prisoners of the Motherland! 

But yet still, academics, policy makers, lawyers refer wrongly to the British as your allies.  They are the snakes you invited in, and then they bit you and continue to bite you. 

I am an English Constitutionalist, persecuted by the British for standing in elections, fired from Jobs for believing in England and my unalienable rights, arrested outside Buckingham Palace for petitioning Her Majesty as encouraged to do so by my Bill Of Rights 1688.  Blacklisted from employment in the UK and savaged by the state.  

We, the English are ignored by America.  The English Common Law Constitution is the beating heart of the American Constitution.  If our Constitution dies, what happens to yours?

Remember, The British do not have a Constitution, Remember the British Union is not a Country, but it is a political union, no different in its nature from the USSR, the Yugoslavia Union and the European Union.  The EU had no Constitution, they tried that the people said NO.  They then renamed the European Union Constitution and called it the Lisbon Treaty.   The English people had no say.  The British finally had a Constitution.  Until the 31st December 2020.  Now is the time for America to speak of England, the English Common Law Constitution and the unalienable rights of the English, being denied those rights by the British Union.  Will you support an English Parliament? England is the only Country in Europe without its own parliament!  

I hope I have not bored you with the plight of an Englishman.  President Trump is the first President in my lifetime that I say, “President Trump is my President too”.  

Lastly, the Person that stopped slavery in the world of Common Law Jurisdiction was an Englishman, a Tailor from Durham, England.  A layperson in the law, that self educated himself (as I have).  He fought for the Black Slaves of the World; he went up against the British in English Courts when there were still English Judges none exist now, the English Constitution was removed from the Bar exams in the early 70’s, infiltration instead of invasion (Fabian Society). 

He won!  His name was Granville Sharp.  Look him up.

Yours Sincerely

 Graham Moore

A member of the English Democrat Party

Author: Graham Moore

I believe in Liberty, Freedom and fairness for all. Sick of political correctness and mind and thought control. The Rule of Law, Common Law.

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