Dr. Zenloko’s Successful Treatment of Covid 19 Treated 350 patients

Kung Flu

Dr. Zenloko’s Successful Treatment of Covid Treated 350 patients, 0 deaths, 0 hospitalizations, 0 intubations breathing restored in 3-4 hours 1 – Hydroxychloroquine 200 mg 1 pill 2x a day/5 days 2 – Azithromycin 500 mg 1 pill/day/5 days 3 – Zinc sulfate 220 mg 1 pill/day/5 days


Statement from Graham Moore aka Daddy Dragon:

I am not a GP or a Doctor, the Main Stream Media cannot be trusted and either your life or one of your family may be saved by giving this information to your or your family members GP. I am not suggesting you buy this online, you have to be monitored by your GP or other medical professional.

Here are links to successful use – OFF LABEL –




Video banned WHY?

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