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Health Drink via blender NUTRiBULLET Rx

Regarding the drink you need to take in the morning.
You need a decent blender – the best one is the NUTRiBULLET Rx from eBay (not cheap but indestructible) and so easy to clean.
To make the drink you need:

1) Third of a cucumber.

2) Stick of celery.

3) Handful spinach.

4) Tiny bit of broccoli.

5) Small carrot or half a large one.

6) Half a lemon with skin on.

7) Full apple.

8) Handfull of bluberries.

You need to put these in the blender with half to three quarters of a pint of water and blend up (you can adjust water to find out how thick you like it).
May take a while to get used to but you will feel great after a week on it.

Regarding cancer. Always good to know.
1) Book – cancer is not a disease – Andreas Moritz (buy from Amazon – easy to understand).

2) Apricot kernels ( B17) Buy from eBay – make sure they are the bitter ones (need 20 daily)

3) Alkalise diet – lots and lots of vegetables

4) No sugar – Cancer feeds off sugar

5) Budwig diet – for instructions on how to make look on the site (Point 12)

6) Vitamin D3 (10,000is’s daily) + Lugols Iodine (3 drops in a little bit of water every day) from the internet.

7) Turmeric + Ginger (will go through how to make it over the phone) called golden tea and on the site (Point 12).

8) Bicarbonate soda + honey (Point 12)

9) Indernol 3 carbons – from the internet or from broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage.

10) Enzyme capsules (called digestive enzymes) – from the internet.

11) Lipersomal vitamin C + E (from the internet)

12) Cancer site – 

Best site on the internet for finding out about beating cancer