English Petition on American Soil 30 08 2020: Post Code TW20 0AE

Robert Wood Johnson

United States Ambassador to the Court of St. James’s

U.S Embassy London

33 Nine Elms Lane

London, SW11 7US


Dear United States Ambassador to the Court of St. James’s,

United States Ambassador Trustee Kennedy Memorial Trust,

The Unalienable Rights Commission, USA.

I am officially signing this petition from American Soil at Englefield Green, Runnymede, Surrey, England.  This Land was given to the American Federal Government by Her Majesty The Queen and The British Government on 4th July 1964 (enacted 31st July 1964)

The U.S. Ambassador to the UK said on 22 November 2013 at Runnymede. 

Mr Barzun, who also laid a wreath, said: “It’s a very powerful and important day that we are here.”

“This place that we’re gathered, this incredible memorial behind you and also the acre of land that you are standing on, was given by the British people to America so I’m talking to you on American soil.

As this is American soil, I am protected by the Jurisdiction of American Constitution, which derives from the English Common Law Constitution.  Therefore others and I have the right to peacefully assemble in protest at America’s inaction to defend our Unalienable Rights by way of declaration.  Our Bill of Rights 1688 and Declaration of Rights 1688 and the Convention that created them.  

My Country and my rights are not recognised or defended in the U.K parliament.  The Act(s) of Union 1706/1707 have been nullified by bad faith by the British Parliament allowing The Scottish Parliament to be returned and reinstated in 1999. Strictly forbidden under these acts.  Further to this unconstitutional laws in breach of the Bill of Rights 1688 and the Constitution of England have been enacted that deem the U.K Parliament an oppressive regime.  The Military Covenant has been breached and ignored whereby veterans are committing suicide at an alarming rate, through lack of care.  

I ask that the United States of America declare under the Proclamation on Captive Nations 17th July 2020, that England is a Captive Nation, with the English Common Law Constitution, including our Unalienable rights being ignored by the British Parliament, British Police and British Judges in English Courts.  That my rights have been ignored violated and nullified unlawfully by the British.  The English and the English Nation demand a referendum (English Nation Only) to leave the British Union without bias and interference of the Fake News Media.

Yours Sincerely

{name }

Rights removed:

Microsoft Word – Kennedy Memorial Peaceful Protest.docx

  • Removal of all Industries that allow for self defence of a Nation (Ship Building, Steel, Power, Coal Industry, Airplane Manufacturing, Helicopter)
  • Persecution of Veterans by the British, Prosecutions, removal of health facilities, breach of military covenant
  • Religion (Christian Preachers detained and arrested for reciting the Gospel)
  • Speech (arrests and detained for reciting Churchill’s Speeches)
  • Peaceful assembly (Harassed for showing patriotism, English)
  • Bear arms (The English have the right, the Government Policy is to deny it)
  • Petition the government for a redress of grievances (arrests for petitions and prosecutions)
  • Protection against unreasonable searches and seizures (no crimes committed or suspicion of)
  • Due process of law (denied to the English via Judicial Review)
  • Trial by jury (Jury Trials restricted)
  • Habeas Corpus removed via European Arrest Warrant
  • Right to Silence (removed)
  • Convictions and fines without Jury Convictions


Author: Graham Moore

I believe in Liberty, Freedom and fairness for all. Sick of political correctness and mind and thought control. The Rule of Law, Common Law.

7 thoughts on “English Petition on American Soil 30 08 2020: Post Code TW20 0AE”

      1. Excellent…. Is this some kind of masonic fakery?? By the way I posted (recorded delivery) my letter to U.S embassy.. keep up the great work

      2. Good evening Graham, can you email the petition letter via electronic email to the US Ambassador, a thoughtful tip from those who are infused with modern communication systems. My swift regards in these daring days my friend. Give my regards to Robin when you next speak to him. A true legend that man.

        Paladin Paddy 😉

  1. Do you suggest we all send copies of the above letter?
    If so, are we required to actually attend the site before signing, so as to remain in honour?

    1. Hi. I downloaded the letter and printed it off and sent it recorded delivery…. You never know if 7eventy (number following 6) are analysing data…

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