The Constitution limits Power of the Judiciary, Parliament and the Crown.

To see what the elites fear most you only have to look at what they attack.. what they stopped educating people on.. the substance and history of England and its very powerful written constitution. The Constitution is the will of the people and our ancestors, it is not the will of parliament. How do you remove the limits on power? Stop educating the people on the Constitution. Statutes are the will of parliament vs The Constitution is the will of the people. A Maxim of English Law: Parliament may NOT legislate in such a way that it causes revolt! Parliament is NOT sovereign YOU ARE!

So we need a Braver Man than Geoffrey Cox to initiate Judicial and Constitutional Reform and Braverman we got!

The problems with our Constitution stem from a political cancer called Marxism via two Groups (in the main) The Fabian Society and The Milner Group. Both of whom have sort to destroy England. Many of our not so civil, Civil Servants are or were members of either group. Over 200 MPs are members of the Fabian Society which the media suggest is a “think tank”. It is not just a think tank, the Fabians founded the Labour Party. They conned the working class, The Fabians founded the London School of Economics and their logo, emblems are a Turtle (slowly, Gradually get to where you want) and .. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. The latter being very evident and obvious deceit. The late Sir Jeremy Hayward was a member of the Fabian Society (He was the head of the Civil Service). there are many others. The problem with our current situation stems from many issues with laws being enacted that are in constitutional terms VOID. That is they are Ultra Vires null and void, they should not be repealed as repealing legitimises them through until repeal. If they are ultra vires, they should be made void, as if they had never existed. Because they should never have been enacted. Examples are The European Communities Act 1972 – this is so obviously Ultra Vires. It conflicts directly with our written Constitution. See previous post i.e The Bill of Rights 1688/9 the supremacy clause.

It is so obvious what laws caused our current strife, The Parliament Act of 1911 being just one. Arrogance of the intellectuals and where were they educated in Fabian/Milner universities. Judges who are so obviously partisan and of Marxist doctrine also educated in the same such universities. Most of whom are not very bright.

It is very simple to put this right, the only way to stop this marxist brigade is to dissolve the Union of Scotland and England, remove any form of regionalisation of England. Go back to England and especially the North of England, put the English Parliament back into the heart of the North, recreate the Industries of old and the new industries that England will again invent. But most importantly, decentralise government, give the power back to local people via Counties, Districts, Parishes and wards. Let the Counties control their Business and Tax regimes, let the people control their own lives with liberty and freedom to invent, let the people protect our nation once more from tyranny.

Author: Graham Moore

I believe in Liberty, Freedom and fairness for all. Sick of political correctness and mind and thought control. The Rule of Law, Common Law.

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