Great Letter Adapted by a reader of this blog, all you need to do is send this to your MP as well and Lord Chief Justice.


3rd March 2021

Lord Reed

Baron Reed of Allermuir

The Supreme Court
Parliament Square

My Lord,

Re: SARS-Cov2 coronavirus Covid 19 – Remedy IverMecTin

I have no doubt your gatekeepers will not allow you to see this email. None the less, you are on notice as complicit in genocide and here is why. Since 1992 IverMecTin has its Efficacy proven through clinical trials, for many viral diseases in the African continent and Ivermectin was approved in 1987 for Human consumption and as well as saving animal life. Furthermore, it is a harmless remedy that has proven success through further research studies and received a Nobel Prize and is listed as an essential medicine by the WHO (World Health Organisation). It is known to stop coronavirus (SARS-Cov2) (12mg in less than three days, most times within one day) and therefore stop hospitalizations. 12mg once a week with Zinc prevents Covid19.

In 29 years only 16 people have died through some association with IverMecTin. It is not been proven however, that the deaths were as a result of administering IverMectin in those 16 cases, as many factors such as age group, and other prescribed medication needed to have been considered. There were over 3.7 Billion doses administered and 16 potential deaths [in 29 years]. Now compare that to Covid19 Vaccines in less than one year *900 deaths. Watch the video presentation on the benefits the efficacy of IverMectin through the link below, by Dr Paul Marik professor of medicine, chief of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School, USA.

IverMecTin is safe and cheap (2p) a tablet. Why my Lord, are You allowing the British Government to murder English subjects for pharmaceutical profits (cartels)? By the way my Lord, IverMecTin has cancer suppressing and tumour reducing properties a potential huge loss in revenue to the cartels, do you know anyone who has died of cancer? Potential Cancer cure. IverMecTin is to Covid and Cancer as Vitamin C was for Scurvy. Scurvy killed millions. IverMectin must be made readily available through pharmacies and other licenced outlets throughout the United Kingdom, as with over-the-counter medicines like paracetamol or ibuprofen, for example.

Why are British regulations and laws stopping me from acquiring IverMecTin as a self-defence of my family and my own life? Do the English still have the right to self-determination? It is my body, and my choice. I am of sound mind; I want a virtually risk-free solution that covers a broad spectrum of viruses.

It is repugnant and perverse for British Government to immunize subjects of this land by implementing a ‘vaccination’ only programme (and not seeking to explore other remedies, natural or otherwise, that are available to the public), by issuing ‘health passports’ that goes against the consent of individuals. If those individuals who would not consent or comply, and their human right to do so, he or she held to ransom, it would seem. For example; employment, and the right to earn a living, the right to travel freely without hindrance, the right and the access to medical services that has been paid for by the tax payer. The right to protect and visit our families? This is clearly unlawful.

Why are you remaining silent my Lord? Why are you allowing the complicit Judges in lower courts to gate keep the peoples protests/petitions out of your court?

Why are you allowing the “undue influence” of the media and government, when in law the “omission” of IverMecTin and its benefits is not just a tort, it is now covered by the Fraud Act 2006. There is another term for it. Genocide. Mass Murder by the British State.

IverMecTin. Support Data;


Yours sincerely

Author: Graham Moore

I believe in Liberty, Freedom and fairness for all. Sick of political correctness and mind and thought control. The Rule of Law, Common Law.

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