Park the Manifesto and implement a plan! ED Conference September 2020

I would like to put these forward at the next Conference to be adopted as is, this would replace the manifesto (as Trump did). Campaign and promise these six things and England will have strategically removed all EU legislation and tie ins. Six Star Promise: Value is about Location, Location, Location, and England will be the best Location for family life in the world with these 6 steps.


1. SCRAP CURRENT TAX: Scrap VAT in its entirety. Council Tax and PAYE income tax, No STATE employee should be taxed (it is recycling state money). Dismantle all EU/EEC constructs to control and destroy England, Void the ECA 1972 do not repeal it. If it has been repealed, it can still be made void.

2. NEW TAX SYSTEM: Implement the Hong Kong Tax System (tiger economy, A tax system that works and is proven to work that is proportional and progressive to a max of 17% or optional flat rate. Simplified English tax system, whereas our current system, is 11500 pages and rising. This system, the tax is NOT taken at source but donated (scrap PAYE). Implement an economic commission made up of 13 Businessmen (not bankers) who are self made millionaires/billionaires to run the economy. Not economists/or politicians.

3. REGIONS vs COUNTIES: England must NEVER be split into regions, ever. Return to County Council Chambers, votes and financing with harsh penalties for County fraud and State fraud, including NHS fraud. The current house of lords disbanded replaced with an elected chamber, respecting the Magna Carta and Constitutional Rights, one elected Lord/Senator for each County. The English Parliament will deal with Constitutional and English cross County/Country infrastructure/County bye Laws and or English Acts of Parliament must not conflict with The Individuals (Citizen/Subjects) Constitutional Rights (as is).

4. VOTING SYSTEM: Proportional representation, preferably MMP (Mixed Member Proportional). It is the fairest system in the world, you win by votes, not by area (with a party list too).

5. STATE TREASURY Finance: The Bradbury pound. I have called it Public Sector Pound (PSP). It has nothing to do with the outside world, it is English money for those who live and work in England. The Currency and Banknotes Act 1914. The monetary system that exists today is a fraud on the people, money creation must be created by the government (Treasury Money) and the people, not private banks. The fractional reserve system (current banking system) is a major fraud on the working people of this Country. (see video at bottom of page). Infrastructure, industry, education, health system (NHS), care for the elderly, care for disabled, care for veterans.

6. Law and Order: The bill of rights 1688/9 must be honoured as well as the other Constitutional treaties/acts/declarations of like nature, Common Law for the English Courts and a completely independent English Parliament. We need the constitutional laws which were and are agreed upon by convention, maintained and respected. Reintroduce Constitutional Education in Schools and the Bar Exams. The protection of children; abuse of children must be the “ultimate crime”. No form of political correctness should subvert free speech or the English Constitution. No form of political or religious Constitutional subversion may take place in educational establishments (pre, infants, primary, secondary, college, training or University). Reintroduce the death penalty for Treason, Murder, Perjury of ones Oath, Proven gang rape (religiously or racially aggravated), Pedophilia, Ritual abuse.

Tell me what you think?

Author: Graham Moore

I believe in Liberty, Freedom and fairness for all. Sick of political correctness and mind and thought control. The Rule of Law, Common Law.

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  1. This goes a long way to where we should be now Graham! You definitelly must push this forward!

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