Dates for Petitioning the Queen: The Bill of Rights 1688.

A Constitutional Postal Vote “Petition the Queen”


Petition the Queen on the 5th August 2018 at Windsor Castle. 2pm.  

Petition download and print off, put your address and sign it.  Send it, and then take a copy to Windsor on the 5th August 2018.  Queen petition BLANK 05 08 18

The Bill of Rights 1688

Right to petition.

That it is the Right of the Subjects to petition the King and all Commitments and Prosecutions for such Petitioning are Illegall.

The Petition is for our Constitutional Rights and the Nation and its subjects to be FREE as we were when Her Majesty took her Oath, when Her reign began we were FREE, at the end of her reign, WE ARE SLAVES!

Remember Dragons and All, There are three elements to the Crown Estate – The Monarch, The Judiciary and Parliament – Parliament is lost, corrupted and continuously undermining and subverting the English Constitution.

The ballot – Referendum – has failed, ignored in favour of Tyranny and complete contempt for democracy, the law of the land and our rights. Democracy has failed us! Because Tyranny and the might of the State are upon us.

The solution:

It is your right enshrined within OUR Constitutional Law, The Rule of Law, Common Law. To petition the Monarch and The Independent Judiciary. It is your Birthright to be FREE.  The Bill of Rights 1688 states it is your right to petition the Queen and the use of commitments or prosecution for petitioning the Queen is illegal.

The Mechanism for this needs to be the same or very similar to Iceland. Pots and Pans, noise and showing them OUR discontent.

We need Quads, Bikers, foot soldiers, disabled, unemployed, employed, retired etc to take “personal responsibility” for taking back OUR Country from Tyranny.

Two sets of actions are required and will grow, and grow and grow.

1. Physical Petition up the Mall and to Buckingham Palace and or Windsor Castle, if that is ignored, then Her Majesty’s Private Residences. This is in support of Her Majesty’s power which she read to Parliament (July 20th 1988) and Betty BoothRoyd speaker of the commons) to the Judiciary in 1993  OUR Constitutional Rights which are in full force. This is asking the Queen to help the people.