Huawei “the issues’ and Cisco

The issue in a nutshell is quite simply control of an advanced system of communication that can be used not only for information warfare but, psychical warfare and control.

Think of an envelope “snail mail” as we now call it. We have three systems of delivery (there are more but stick to three).

  1. The standard mail delivery system that most people can get a job delivering mail, cheques, cash but it is only as secure as the weakest postman.
  2. The DX system for lawyers mail, more secure, express delivery, still only as secure as the weakest courier.
  3. Government correspondence, vetted employees.

All three use envelopes with the address for delivery, you can make these envelopes secure, sealed, double sealed, triple enveloped, wrapped in anti tamper. BUT, depending on who you choose to deliver the envelope it is “crucial” to look at the mechanism and likelihood of potential tamper, copy and forward. Now, you could write the letter in code (encryption), BUT these are all things we do if the communication is at any time potentially compromised. It is a last resort.

Would you allow a Chinese security firm or individuals to deliver your state secrets? No! of Course not. But why, whats the risk. It is in code.

By giving them access to the delivery system (control of) is like selling the Civil Service post system (including all levels of security) to the Chinese and saying don’t worry, our messages are in code. When will you know when they have cracked the code?

The British Government decision to use Huawei at any level is completely insane and compromises our Country and Allies security.

Now let us take a look at Huawei history. They have “cloned” Cisco Systems entire portfolio of electronic routers, switches and modems even using the operating system and basic functions. In the trade at the time we used to call the kit “Blatant Cisco Clone” Cisco’s own software IOS was termed BCC. They reverse engineered the hardware and received some intellectual property rights via the Clinton China Trade agreement. see Article here for details

Now look at the control systems in place in China, people control systems, facial recognition systems that can scan 2 billion people in a few seconds via parallel computing systems. This is not good!

Then look at the people on the boards of Huawei UK, Australia etc … mostly David Camerons mates and cohorts. The Elites that seek control.

Alexander Downer – was on the board –

and Alexander Downer is comfortable with China

Now, who is Alexander Downer? He is one of the people involved with the setting up of President Trump. He was the Australian High Commissioner to the UK

Now, if you then look at the UK Board members you will see they are all cohorts of David Cameron. Hmmmm

Lord Browne under pressure to reconsider Huawei board role as firm faces US criminal charges ……

Now, how would you feel having this lot in control of a powerful technology?

Author: Graham Moore

I believe in Liberty, Freedom and fairness for all. Sick of political correctness and mind and thought control. The Rule of Law, Common Law.

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