Ziverdo Kit + IverMecTin x 3 strips (Package)


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IverMecTin: This package contains prophylactic treatment (preventative) via IverMecTin 3 x 10 tablets. On receipt take 1, then 3 days later take 1 more. Then take 1 tablet weekly. Tablets are 12mg each. In the unlikely event of side effects see the manufacturers website. This is a 28 week supply. 30 Tablets.


all the information you need is on two websites and there are more; Dr Pierre Kory and Dr Vladimir Zelenko, M.D.



Zirvedo Kit: If you have flu symptoms this kit alleviates the virus and stops it taking hold. Most people feel better in two days. The Kit contains 14 Zinc (50mg) Tablets, 10 Doxycycline Capsules (100mg) and 3 x IverMecTin (12mg). This kit is not a prophylactic treatment (preventative) it is for use if you have flu symptoms. You will not need a vaccine as this kit treats viruses in general. Delivery takes 3 weeks. This is supplied by India.

IMPORTANT: It is for your personal use and your responsibility to ensure you are not allergic, some medications may react with other medications. You can find ALL this information online including side effects list (rare and mild). There may be customs duties to pay. If there are they will billed to you separately.

From my extensive research IverMecTin is safe and it does stop Covid19 and other viruses. Zinc is used with IverMecTin and Doxycycline is a Antibiotic. The combination kills Covid19.

The British Government, Parliament, The Crown and the Judiciary are acting unlawfully by impeding your right to defend your life and the lives of your family and friends. ANY laws or Regulations that seek to stop you buying, receiving and taking this medication as a life saver are repugnant under English Common Law and Void. IverMectin’s discoverer was awarded a Nobel Prize for his discovery and the World Health Organisation list IverMecTin as an essential medicine

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