General Election 2019 Bexleyheath and Crayford

Hustings 10 12 2019

The Truth –

This video was banned on YouTube “wonder why” ?

In England the PEOPLE are sovereign! But you must VOTE for peoples Sovereignty! That VOTE is for Graham Moore the English Democrats!

Graham Moore 07424 637025

Campaigning for England and Bexleyheath and Crayford

A real Brexiteer, We Voted to take back control!

These can both be published and my PO Box Number 

The Full English Show PO Box 233 ERITH DA8 9HE

Days of Action

24th November Crayford Town Centre by Macdonalds 12 noon – 3pm 

Sat 30th November Bexleyheath Town Centre (meet outside HSBC Bank) 12 noon – 3pm 

Sunday 1st December Crayford Town Centre by Macdonalds 12 noon – 3pm 

Sat 7th December Bexleyheath Town Centre (meet HSBC Bank) 12 noon – 3pm 

Sun 8th December Crayford Town Centre by Macdonalds 12 noon – 3pm

Show of support, leaflets handed to pedestrian shoppers and Graham on the Mega Phone

Hustings 10 12 2019

Parliament is NOT sovereign we the people ARE.  When Parliament is dissolved  (which it is now, who holds the power)  Sovereignty is returned to the people and Her Majesty.    

The English Democrats believe in England as a Sovereign Nation.

What People Say

“We shall never surrender”

Winston Churchill

“One day the people shall realise their nation and their freedom is gone, then they shall take it back”

Enoch Powell

“Freedom is an Englishman’s Birthright”

Act of Settlement 1701

We can win for England, have faith in God, Country and Family

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